Super Visa in Canada 2021

Super Visa in Canada 2021

Super Visa in Canada

Are you a permanent resident of Canada? Do you want to take your parents and grandparents to Canada? If you are a Canadian citizen and prefer seeing your parents and grandparents then this is the right article where you can gain all the useful information about the Super Visa. Super visa in Canada is similar to the visit visa but it has a longer visit period than the visit visa. The multiple-entry visas also allow the parents and grandparents to visit Canada but it lasts only for six months. Moreover, the super visa lets them stay there for two years. You can apply for such a super visa for up to ten years.

Canada is a peaceful nation that lies in the north part of America. To rapid the economy of the state, it allows skilled and young candidates to immigrate and work in Canada. Furthermore, different immigration programs have been developed by the government and employers to attract foreign candidates to migrate there for employment. Similarly, being a developed country it consists of many rural areas that require more development. As the nation lacks skilled manpower it welcomes several experts from the world. The selected employees are delivered with various facilities and services so that they can perform better and enhance their work performance.

Every year millions of fresh graduates or experienced personnel experience moving to Canada either for employment opportunities. The main reason to head to Canada is the candidates are eligible to apply for permanent residency after some certain period working in Canada. You can apply for Canadian citizenship and live a happy and comfortable life. Hence, more job seekers like to have the chance of job opportunity living and working in Canada.

Who can apply for the super visa?

Generally, the super visa is granted to the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. To get the visa the parents or grandparents must meet the necessary conditions and be considered permitted to Canada. It is necessary to meet the required minimum income and the parents must get the travel health insurance to have the issuance of a super visa.

To be acceptable the applicant must have the following requirements:-

  • An applicant should be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or the permanent resident holder
  • Be acceptable to Canada
  • Should provide a written commitment of the financial support from their child or grandchild
  • Proof of having bought medical insurance coverage for at least one year
  • Accomplish the emigration medical examination
  • You should have the invitation letter from the host

Minimum income required for the issuance of Super Visa

Size of family unitMinimum necessary gross income
2 persons$ 32,270
3 persons$39,672
4 persons$ 48,166
5 persons$ 54,630
6 persons$ 61,612
7 persons$ 68,598
For more than 7 persons$ 69,984

The applicant needs to prove that the inviter meets the minimum income requirements by submitting one or more of the documents given below:-

  • Recent duplicate of Notice of Assessment
  • A current copy of T4and T1
  • Employer letter delivering the title, job description, and income
  • Benefit stub of employment insurance
  • Confirmation letter of an annual income from an accountant if self-employed
  • Evidence of other sources of income(if any)

Therefore, it is mandatory to meet the required income otherwise the application of your parents and grandparents can be denied. However, if accepted, they can apply for a super visa or go through the visit visa that lasts for six months of period.

How long does it take for the visa processing?

The process of a super visa depends on the country you are applying from. It may take 8 days up to 45 to 50 days for the super visa processing. Moreover, the super visa exists for two years which can be extendable from within Canada. You will have to apply for an extension of the visa before the six months of the expiry of the super visa.

Format of invitation letter to apply for super visa

  • Name and middle name of parents or grandparents
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number and Address of parents
  • Name of the place where your child or grandchild live
  • Trip purpose
  • Staying period
  • Accommodation detail
  • Date of the leaving period

The required minimum level of coverage for super visa insurance

It plays an important role in super visa granting that the applicant must have purchased the Super Visa insurance from the Canadian insurance company. The insurance must have coverage of at least CAD 1, 00,000. It should not expire at the time when the parents come for visit to Canada each time. Thus, at the time of arrival, the applicants should be able to show the proof of their super visa insurance to the officer while entering from the port. The purchased insurance covers health care, recovery, and hospitalization.

Can we apply for a Super visa from within Canada?

An applicant cannot apply for a super visa staying in Canada. For getting the permission of a super visa one must be a citizen from outside the country. They must have the relation of blood to get the permit. The inviter should have the legal permanent resident proof. Otherwise, the super visa cannot be provided on the request. Similarly, if the applicants are liable to have the visa they do not have permit to work in Canada. Besides, the visa is not a permanent visa. It only lasts for two years and you can extend it upon the interest of the applicants. Hence, it is very important to provide all the necessary documents to the concerned authority. You may get your visa rejection if the documents do not meet the required criteria.

Benefits of getting a super visa

Generally, the super visa is designed especially for the parents and grandparents concerning their desire to meet their child or grandchild. Going through the super visa allows the parents to meet their children and spend their quality time with them. As the expiry time of a super visa is two years the parents can have special time with their family as well as visit the country. However, the applicants cannot work and study there till their stay but are allowed to extend their visa if they wish to stay.

The parents can live them some period of life in a new nation and learn the living style of the related nation. Therefore, if you also wish to take your parents to a foreign land and make them happy and satisfy then the super visa is the best way to shift your parents or grandparents to Canada.

Everything you need to fill in the sponsor form

To fill the sponsor form firstly you will require gathering all the necessary information mentioned in the form. Then, it would be fruitful if you create an electronic copy of your passport. Being the sponsor, it is a must to list your family name and your name. It is significant to mention the exact name that has been written in your passport. Next, you should give your date of birth and the name of the place where you are staying. You must be living in Canada to request the super visa. You need to ensure that all the important details are properly filled in clearly and effectively.

For delivering a clear address you should include your street number, street name, apartment, postal code, P.O.Box, province, or territory. Furthermore, it is require providing your email address through which the concerned authority can get in contact with you. You should also list the total number of your family members and the number of members you are going to sponsor. Likewise, you need to insert the name and date of birth of your parents or grandparents. There should be the exact match of the document number or the application may get rejected. Lastly, you should provide your electronic signature. Therefore, by inserting the reliable and relevant information asked by the Canadian authority you can have permission for the super visa program.

What is the difference between the super visa and the visit visa?

Actually, both the visas are generated for the comfort of the applicants. However, there are some differences between the super visa and the visit visa. Normally, the visit visa allows the applicants to stay in Canada for only six months whereas the super visa lets them stay for two years. The validity period for both the visas is ten years. Additionally, going through the visit visa one can extend their visa if they are interested to expand their stay in Canada. But it is very vital to apply for expansion before the six months of the expiry of the visa.

Through the visit visa, any member of the family is permitted to have immigration but the super visa is especially issued for the parents and grandparents only. Moreover, it is essential to meet the certainly required necessities for the success of the visa process. The sponsor must meet the required income so that there won’t have any problem to support their family financially arriving in the country. Detailed information of the inviter as well as the applicant must be delivered to the related party. Hence, the Canadian government observes all the materials and documents for the approval of the visa issuance.

Canada is the safest and secure country attempts to motivate and satisfy the immigrants so that they can get proper benefit from their performance. But the weak point of the super visa is the immigrant must not study or work during their visit. They can only stay and have memories with their family. The other countries like India, the Philippines, Russia, etc. have created such policies for the citizenship holders.

Conclusion for super visa

It is a very difficult moment for everyone to separate from their family members. Moreover, it can be the reason for building a career or earning more money to cover future uncertainties. Hence, keeping in mind this the Canadian government has formulated a program through which the children can sponsor their parents and let them stay in Canada for more than two years. It permits them to get together with their loved ones and have good memories. Similarly, through it, the parents also won’t have to celebrate the festivals staying alone and have family celebration immigrating through the super visa program.

Except for Canada, other more countries are also following the super visa program thinking about the convenience of their employees. Also, such benefits allow the employees to stay for a long period in the country and contribute to the development of the country. Parents get enough time to sit together with their children and live a comfortable life. However, the visa program is not designed for the dependents only the parents and grandparents have the right to shift to a related country through this visa.


 It is a great opportunity for a permanent resident of a foreign land who is living and working in Canada to bring their parents to the place where they are staying. So, it will be beneficial if you grab the chance and shift your family to a foreign land. Parents are the one who wants to see their children in front of their eyes. It becomes very hard for them to stay far from their children. Hence, having an employment opportunity in a nation like Canada helps the employee to get in touch with their family. Additionally, the parents also feel proud to migrate to the new land and live with their family.

Elderly people can visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world. They can learn and understand the culture over there and feel relax with the facilities granted. Likewise, there won’t be any stress and tension when the parents will be near to the citizens. Therefore, moving to Canada for work and registering as a Canadian has many benefits to the employees. There is money also and you do not have to be far from the nearer and dearer ones. Life will be set and you will enjoy every moment settling in a friendly state like Canada. Hence, at first, you should grab the chance of employment and head your journey to Canada for bringing your parents to the same nation through the super visa.

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