Destination to Canada

Destination to Canada

With one account you may access tens of thousands of videos and images from around Canada. Click any tile to the best and you will be taken to every collection.

You may use the search filter around the very best to narrow down the numerous libraries by province and town.

Please be aware. The different provincial, town, and area image and movie libraries listed on the best are included since they use the identical digital asset management platform as Destination Canada. But, each is individually handled and all have different terms and conditions of use.


WAITING PERIOD for sickness:

  • No waiting interval if the insurance is purchased before your arrival in Canada or the exact same coverage was extended.
  • 48 hours when the coverage is bought later the coming in Canada.
  • 15 times if you’re era 86 or elderly and if you bought your policy later the arrival date.
    B) you’ve got insurance with another insurer during the initial portion of your journey in Canada, and there’ll not be a difference in coverage. You have to provide adequate evidence and get a written consent from the Insurer.
    Any illness that manifests itself during the waiting period isn’t covered even if applicable expenditures are incurred following the waiting period.


  • If in the time of program you’re 79 decades old or below on the program date and chosen Choice 1: Pre-existing medical condition are insured provided that these medical conditions are secure in the 120 times immediately prior to the effective date.
  • If in the time of program you’re 79 decades old or below on the program date and chosen Choice two in the time of program: All pre-existing health terms will be excluded from policy.
  • If in the time of program you’re 80 decades old or over about the program date: All of pre-existing health terms will be excluded from policy.
    STABLE signifies a pre-existing medical state that:
    a) didn’t need, or wasn’t known for almost any medical consultation;
    b) did not take a change in form or dose of medication.
    C) didn’t display any symptoms or signs.
    Medical consultation implies any healthcare services obtained from a doctor for a illness, injury or medical illness, including but not limited to some or all of: history taking, medical examination, investigative testing, advice or therapy, and during a diagnosis of the medical condition shouldn’t have been definitively made. This doesn’t include routine yearly medical check-ups where no clinical indications or signs existed or were discovered during the checkup.


In case you choose to extend your journey, you might make an application for a fresh period of coverage as long as you satisfy the prerequisites in Qualification of the coverage.
NOTE: Should you extend your trip for the intent of returning to a nation of origin, policy outside Canada will be supplied as you’re in transit even in the event that you don’t devote the vast majority of the amount of policy in Canada if:
a) the coverage is bought on or before the expiry date of an existing Destination: Canada coverage; and
b) the amount of times in transit to a nation of origin doesn’t exceed 3 times.


This coverage Won’t offer coverage, supply services, or cover claims for expenditures incurred directly or indirectly as a result of

  1. A) If in the time of program you’re 79 decades old or below on the program date and chosen Option 1 in the time of program: Any pre-existing medical illness unless it had been steady in the 120 days immediately prior to the effective date.
    B ) If at the time of program you’re 79 decades old or below on the program date and chosen Option 2 in the time of program: Any pre-existing medical requirement.
    C ) If in the time of program you’re 80 decades old or more on the program date: Any pre-existing medical requirement.
  2. Any illness for which signs occurred within:
    · 48 hours following the effective date, even If You’re age 85 or younger on your effective dateor
    · 15 days following the effective date, even If You’re age 86 or older in your effective dateexcept if this insurance is bought:
    A) before the date of your coming to Canada; or

C ) prior to the date your existing policy expires with a different insurance company and there’s absolutely no lapse in coverage. You have to provide satisfactory evidence of your prior insurance policy.

  1. Any losses incurred after a diagnosis or treatment was obtained, before the effective date, for pancreatic cancer, liver cancer or any cancer which has metastasized (migrated into a different organ from the original website ).
  2. Costs incurred because of:

· any loss resulting from the minor mental or psychological disease; or
· your self-inflicted injuries, unless medical evidence demonstrates that the injuries are associated with a mental health condition.
(Minor psychological or psychological disorder signifies : – having anxiety or panic attacks, or- being in a psychological state or in a stressful circumstance. A minor psychological or psychological disease is just one of your therapy includes just minor tranquilizers or minor anti-anxiety medication (anxiolytics) or no other prescribed drugs in any way.)

  1. Any illness or injury if a visit is undertaken for the purpose of securing medical care or advice.

B ) using illegal drugs, or some other intoxicant before or during the period of policy; or
C ) the non-compliance with prescribed therapy or medical treatment either before or during the period of policy; or
D) the abuse of medication before or during the duration of policy.

  1. Any medical consultation that’s non-emergency, elective or the effect of an earlier optional procedure.
  2. Any health condition that has been diagnosed by a doctor as terminal before the effective date of the coverage or travelling against the advice of a doctor.
  3. Any therapy, investigation or hospitalization that’s a continuation of, or following, emergency treatment of a health condition, unless authorized in advance by the Assistance Centre.
  4. Hospitalization or services rendered in connection with overall health examinations such as”checkup” functions, treatment of an ongoing illness, routine care of a chronic condition, home healthcare, investigative testing, rehabilitation or ongoing treatment or care in connection with medication, alcohol or some other substance misuse.
  5. Any rehabilitation or healthcare.

motor sport competitions;

· professional game actions (Professional action means you’re deemed professional from the governing body of the game and are compensated for your involvement if you win or lose.) ; or
· risky pursuits.

  1. Any loss incurred as a consequence of pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth or complications .
  2. Any illness or injury resulting from an automobile accident in which you’re eligible to receive benefits pursuant to any policy or statute of automobile insurance.
  3. Naturopathic, acupuncture or holistic therapy.
  4. Any atomic incident however triggered.
  5. Any loss incurred after, before the effective date, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of the Canadian authorities issued a written warning to prevent all traveling, or to prevent non-essential traveling, to that town, area, or nation.
  6. Any loss incurred out of Canada once you haven’t spent the vast majority of the period of policy in Canada.
  7. Any loss incurred inside your nation of origin, and it can be apart from Canada.
  8. Any reduction resulting when you’re a motorist, the owner, a co-driver, a team member or some other rider on a commercial vehicle used for the purpose of delivering merchandise or carrying out a load. This exclusion Isn’t appropriate if the commercial vehicle is used during your excursion solely for enjoyment. visit official website for more details

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